Protects Your Culture

“Wouldn’t it be tight if everyone was chill to each other?” #ParksandRec

You’ve worked hard to build your culture and hire the best budtenders. We help you protect your culture through accountability and detailed cash tracking.

Prevents Loss

Less cash on hand means less temptation

Marijuana Reduce Shrinkage - Cannabis Cash Management System

reduce shrinkage

Less cash on hand means less temptation. We offer solutions for keeping your cash register low or completely automating your cash handling so your staff never has to handle your cash again.

Marijuana Robberies - Cannabis Cash Management System

prevent robberies

When cash is not readily available for the taking, criminals will move on to an easier target. Keep your customers and employees safer by depositing your cash into our cash management system.

Saves on Labor

How much time does your staff waste counting cash each week?

With our cash management system we automate your cash handling responsibilities so you can focus on serving your customers, instead of handling cash.