We Lower Your Risk

We specialize in automating cash handling for marijuana related businesses to lower the risk inherit in a cash intensive business.

Our turnkey cash management system makes it easy to start protecting your investment today.

Counterfeit Detection

The Automated Cashier comes equipped with state of the art counterfeit bill detection. Stop accepting counterfeit bills at your marijuana related business today.

Loss Prevention

Start protecting your investment today

Marijuana Counterfeit Cash Detection - Cannabis Cash Solutions

go cashless

Once your cash is inserted into the Automated Cashier it automatically makes correct change and is no longer accessible by your staff. Secure, fast, simple!

Marijuana Go Cashless - Cannabis Cash Solutions

prevent robberies

Criminals will move on to an easier target. Keep your employees safer by securely accepting and vaulting your cash in your Automated Cashier.

Anti-Money Laundering

Every bill that enters the Automated Cashier is automatically associated with an order in your marijuana POS. This makes it easy for your financial institution to irrefutably identify the source of funds.