Dispensary Cash Management

Dispensary Cash Management Solution
The Dispensary Automated Cashier

Your dispensary takes in a lot of cash and managing all of that cash is a headache.

Our turnkey dispensary cash management solution is designed to save you time, prevent shrinkage, increase sales and decrease the risk of robberies.


  • Reduces shrinkage and deters robberies
  • Eliminates cash handling and saves time
  • Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting
  • Detects counterfeit bills
  • Enhances customer service without adding head count
  • Financing available

A closer look at the benefits of our dispensary cash management solution:

Saves Time

How much time does your staff spend on a daily basis counting cash?  With the Automated Cashier your employees never have to count your cash again.

Prevents Shrinkage

Less cash on hand means less temptation to less potential for cash to disappear.

Customer’s directly insert their cash into the Automated Cashier and accurate change is automatically dispensed.  With our dispensary cash management solution your staff never has to handle your cash again.

Increases Sales

Instead of counting cash and making change, your budtenders can focus on your customers and sell more.

Better customer service means higher sales and better tips.

Decreases the Risk of Robberies

By posting a sign at your entrance, potential robbers know that your employees do not have access to your cash.  When cash is not readily available for the taking, criminals will move on to an easier target.

Keep your customers and employees safer by depositing your cash into our dispensary cash management solution.

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