Automate Cash Counting and Save Time

How much time does your staff waste counting cash? If you could reclaim that time how would it affect your bottom line?

With our Smart Cash Deposit Vaults you can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend counting cash.  Simply place stacks of bills on either of the two bulk note acceptors and the Smart Cash Deposit Vault will automatically count and validate your cash.

Benefits Include

  • Helps reduce shrinkage and prevent robberies
  • Saves time by automatically counting your cash
  • Staff can easily deposit cash without a manager present
  • Simplifies cash pickups with easily swappable cash cartridges

Stop wasting time counting cash

Your staff can deposit your cash into a Smart Cash Deposit Vault as often as needed. Once deposited, your cash is automatically counted and no longer accessible by your staff.

Quickly secure your cash without the need to give out safe combinations or keys.  Easily swappable cash cartridges make it quick to grab your cash and go when it’s time for transport.

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