Increase Your Sales With Automation

Think about the last time you were sold on an up-sale at a retail store (not necessarily cannabis). What was the salesperson like?  Chances are they were highly attuned and took the time to understand your needs.

The same is true with your budtenders. When they’re distracted with cash handling they’re less focused on your customers, which means they’re selling less than they could be.

Increase Your Sales With Automation

With the Dispensary Automated Cashier, we take over all of your budtenders cash handling responsibilities so they can focus entirely on your customers. Cash is inserted into the Dispensary Automated Cashier and accurate change is automatically returned.

A few of the other benefits include

  • Prevents shrinkage and deters robberies
  • Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting
  • Detects counterfeit bills
  • Enhances customer service without adding head count
  • Budtender and customer facing options available

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