Prevent Robberies By Securing Your Cash

Marijuana related businesses are know for having large quantities of cash on hand, which makes them attractive targets for criminals.  By removing your staff’s access to your cash, it discourages criminals from robbing your business.

We offer multiple solutions for securing your cash, ranging from keeping your cash drawer low with our Smart Cash Deposit Vaults, to completely automating all of your cash handling through Cashier Automation.

Prevent Robberies at Your Marijuana Business

Keeping your cash drawer low

By keeping your cash drawer low, you reduce the amount of cash your staff has access to, which automatically makes your business a less attractive target for robberies.  This can be accomplished by using one of our Smart Cash Deposit Vaults.

Our Smart Cash Deposit Vaults automatically counts and stores your cash, thereby saving you time and preventing robberies.

Benefits Include

  • Reduces shrinkage and prevents robberies
  • Saves time by automatically counting your cash
  • Staff can easily deposit cash without a manager present
  • Simplifies cash pickups with easily swappable cash cartridges

How It Works

Your staff can deposit your cash into a Smart Cash Deposit Vault as often as needed. Once deposited, your cash is automatically counted and no longer accessible by your staff.

Quickly secure your cash without the need to give out safe combinations or keys.  Easily swappable cash cartridges make it quick to grab your cash and go when it’s time for transport.

Automating all your cash handling

Another option for preventing robberies is to completely eliminate all cash handling responsibilities by your staff through the use of Cashier Automation.

The Automated Cashier is the risk mitigation solution specifically designed to fit the unique needs of your cash intensive marijuana business.

Benefits Include

  • Reduces shrinkage and prevents robberies
  • Eliminates cash handling and saves time
  • Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting
  • Detects counterfeit bills
  • Enhances customer service without adding head count

How It Works

Your customer’s cash is directly inserted into the Automated Cashier and accurate change is automatically dispensed.

By automating your cash handling, you reduce the risk of theft and robberies. We free up your budtenders to focus on serving your customers, instead of counting cash.

How to Get Started

Contact us today to learn more about protecting your cash and preventing robberies at your marijuana related business.