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HARDCAR is a long-time contributor to the cannabis space, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships throughout the industry.

From packaging to distribution, lab testing, trimming, secured storage and transport, HARDCAR Distribution has all aspects of cannabis retail covered.

HARDCAR Distribution Transport and Delivery

Transportation & Delivery

HARDCAR will pick up your product in armored vehicles, secured by US Military Veterans, and distribute it to designated destinations across the state of California. We are licensed, bonded and insured to make certain your product reaches the market without incident.

For farmers and cultivators, HARDCAR’s officers will pick up your bulk product from your farm or warehouse and transport it to our secure, licensed, 100,000 square foot storage facility in Oakland, CA. There, it will be inventoried, tagged and stored with all the necessary requirements to preserve product quality and maintain compliance.

  • Armored Vehicles
    • We safely transport your product across the state of California in armored vehicles, secured by US Military Veterans.
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
    • We carry a ten Million Dollar insurance policy to ensure your goods are covered and secure throughout the trip.
  • Armored Vehicles
    • HARDCAR is the largest armored carrier in the California cannabis space, and leads the cannabis industry in the distribution of long-haul products and product storage.

HARDCAR Distribution Storage


Storage? HARDCAR is your answer. Maybe you’re looking for a safe place to store bulk product while you process smaller amounts on your farm. Perhaps you are looking for a place to store product while it’s being tested. Maybe you want to maximize space on your site for additional cultivation. Maybe you’re looking into refrigerated transport and storage of flash-frozen product. Whatever your storage needs, HARDCAR has the solution.

Our storage facility is staffed with highly-trained veterans of the US Military. We design and equip our warehouses with Electronic Threat Detection equipment, federally-approved facial recognition technology, and work under military-influenced Standard Operational Procedures. Our success is based on being the absolute best next-generation security and our innovative, forward-thinking solutions far surpass any others out there. Your product will never be safer than when it’s in our hands.

HARDCAR Distribution Packaging


How do you sell your product? Branding and imagery really do matter and the cannabis space is no exception. HARDCAR has partnered with one of the top cannabis packaging companies in the state to offer an incredible variety of bulk or retail-ready packaging options to our customers.

We have already partnered with some amazingly popular brands; now how can we help you? Contact our team to see your options for compliant, child-resistant packaging that conforms to California’s new regulations.

HARDCAR Distribution Lab Testing

Lab Testing

No other company in California is able to test product on site for pesticides.  HARDCAR is the first firm to offer remote pesticide testing.  This testing, along with our partnerships with the largest labs in the state, assures you the best quality and fastest service at an affordable price. Our relationships run deep, and our partnerships deliver. Our existing clients would stand behind that statement.

HARDCAR Distribution


You’ve done all the hard work, been awarded all of the necessary certifications, and cultivated the sought-after product, so now how do you get it to market? You need the largest armored distribution company in the industry, which has the right producers, manufacturers, testing labs, and network to open storefronts.

With the industry being so lucrative, shelf space is at a premium in an incredibly short time frame. How do ensure that you are not missing opportunities to get your product to profitable markets? Seeking the support of a team like HARDCAR can help you find your market opportunities.  We move the largest volumes in the state. We diligently focus on adding value to our customers and always have our eye on compliance. This is why we are an industry leader.