Dispensary Automated Cashier

Completely automate your cash handling so your staff never has to handle your cash again.

The Benefits

  • Reduces shrinkage and deters robberies
  • Eliminates cash handling and saves time
  • Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting
  • Detects counterfeit bills
  • Enhances customer service without adding head count
  • Financing available
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Fits Right In Your Counter

Counter design and installation services available

How It Works

Your customer’s cash is directly inserted into the Dispensary Automated Cashier and accurate change is automatically dispensed.

By automating your cash handling, you reduce the risk of theft and robberies. We free up your budtenders to focus on serving your customers, instead of counting cash.

How To Get Started

Our turnkey cash management system makes it easy to start protecting your investment today. Regardless of the size of your dispensary, we have a cash management solution for you.

Contact us today to learn more and ask about our financing options.

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