Delivery Cash Deposit Vault

The Delivery Cash Deposit Vault is specifically designed to be placed inside your delivery vehicles to protect your cash and to provide real-time accountability to your delivery drivers.


  • Provides driver accountability and real-time reporting
  • Helps prevent shrinkage and deter robberies
  • Saves time by automatically counting your cash
  • 1,200 note capacity
  • Financing available
Delivery Cash Deposit Vault
Delivery Cash Deposit Vault

How It Works

Your delivery drivers can deposit your cash into the Delivery Cash Deposit Vault as they complete sales. Once deposited, your cash is automatically counted and no longer accessible by your delivery drivers.

Quickly secure your cash without the need to give out safe combinations or keys. ¬†Swappable cash cartridges make it easy to grab your cash and go when it’s time for transport.

How to Get Started

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