Delivery Deposit Vault

The cash management solution designed specifically for marijuana deliveries.

The Benefits

  • Drivers can easily deposit their cash without a manager present
  • Provides accountability and a detailed audit log of deposits
  • Less cash on hand means less temptation
  • Saves time by automatically counting your cash
  • Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting
  • 6,000 note capacity
  • Turnkey service, we maintain the equipment
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Marijuana delivery drop vault

Delivery Deposits Made Easy

Automatically counts driver’s cash and simplifies closing

Marijuana delivery drop vault

Real-time Reporting

Provides a detailed audit trail of your cash handling

cannabis cash reporting

How It Works

Your drivers can deposit their cash in the Delivery Deposit Vault at the end of their shift, or as often as needed.  Once deposited, your cash is automatically counted and no longer accessible by your staff.

Quickly secure your cash without the need to give out safe combinations or keys. Swappable cash cartridges make it easy to grab your cash and go when it’s time for transport.

Get Started Today

Our turnkey cash management system makes it easy to start protecting your investment today. Regardless of the size of your delivery, we have a cash management solution for you.

Contact us today to learn more.

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